Click or Call for your Free Birthday Party

Book your Birthday Event at Vandome.  Free Bottle of Asti Spumante Champagne Free Guest list of 25 people Call or Click    (203) 789-2066

Friday, August 25th. Main Room Special Guest is Dj WA Pito

Friday, August 25th. El Nino of LoMaximo Productions presents Special Main Room Guest Dj WA Pito.  Join us for a fun and entertaining evening filled with all your favorite music delivered by Dj WA Pito.  Featuring Salsa-Bachata-Merengue-Reggaeton and Dance Music.  Ladies are free all night long   Main Room Event Ladies FREE ALL NIGHT LONG

Fridays are ” For the Ladies “

Every Friday it’s “ For the Ladies “ with your host El Nino. Join us for a fun night of great music and entertainment. Join El Nino and the special guest artist from Lo Maximo Productions who provide a great night of fantastic music selections.  Featuring Bachata-Salsa-Merengue-Reggaeton and Dance Music   Ladies Free all Night Long…..

CLub LIfe / Warehouse Event

Fridays + Party = CLUB LIFE. A Warehouse Event. The room with the energy.  Music by Sincero.  Featuring the best of R&B-Hiphop and Dance Music Warehouse Event Ladies FREE ALL NIGHT LONG

Saturday, August 26th. Blue Jean Day Party

Saturday, August 26th. Blue Jean’s Day Party with Darius Murrell.  Music by Dj Big Man.  Opening set by Dame Dolla.  $15 advance tickets at locations listed on ad   Main Room and Patio Event

Saturday, August 26th. Main Room Entertainment is Blade to Much

Saturday, August 26th. you could enjoy another quality evening of entertainment by the very talented Blade to Much.  Listen and Dance to all your favorite Salsa-Bachata-Merengue-Reggaeton and Dance Music.  Reservations are available   Main Room Event

Saturday, August 26th. Warehouse with Dj Craig G

Saturday, August 26th. the iconic Dj Craig G is your Warehouse entertainment source for the evening.  Enjoy the best selections of R&B-hiphop and Dance Music.  Event by Jroc & Kswift.  Warehouse reservations available   Warehouse Event

Sunday, August 27th. Main Room Featured Artist is Dj Fredy

Join us on Sunday, August 27th. as the very talented Dj Fredy is your entertainment source in the Main Room at Vandome.  Enjoy an evening of all your favorite music featuring Cumbia-Bachata-Merengue and Latin Rock.  Dj Fredy delivers an evening of fine entertainment and fantastic music.  Ladies are Free all night long.  Birthday Reservations available for…..

State of Sundays / Warehouse Event

State of Sundays…..A Warehouse Event and a night for those who love the nightlife. Music by Sincero. Featuring everything you like from R&B-Hiphop-Reggaeton and Dance Music Warehouse Event Ladies FREE ALL NIGHT LONG

Saturday, September 2nd. Warehouse with DJ Santo

Saturday, September 2nd. the talented Dj Santo is in the Warehouse at Vandome.  Enjoy the best of R&B-Hiphop and Dance Music.  Event by Jrock & Kswift.  Reservations available.   Warehouse Event